Monday, December 9, 2013

2013 - December 9th

We got our annual box of ornaments from Grandmom (the kid's Great) today!!! She has been giving me ornaments since I was a baby and has continued to give me and now my kids and husband ornaments every year!!!

Hunter got his annual "drive mom insane" musical guitar ornament!
And ANOTHER singing ornament......thanks Grandmom : )

What could cause this excitement???
Ariel of course!! (The Little Mermaid!)
Hunter jamming away on his guitar.
Oh but wait...there is MORE excitement!
Doc McStuffins!!!
She is in love....I had to wait till she went to sleep to put them on the tree because she kept playing with them!
Hunter also got the book Santa is Coming To Georgia..oops I mean "Hunner" got it! Ha!!!!
Thank you Grandmom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Sunday, December 8, 2013

2013 - December 8th

Today we went on a cruise to the North Pole with our Down syndrome group out on Lake Coeur d'Alene. It was FREEZING. The van said 6 degrees when we left. Despite the cold we still had fun!  Most of our time was spent inside the cabin of the boat. Ella was quite entertained by sweet baby Bryce, who is "Baby Beau's" brother!  Luckily he is a very sweet little guy who was amused by Ella's antics!

He looks so frightened...and I would be two if I was stuck between Riley and Ella. Ha ha ha!!!

Peek a boo!!!!
My mom held Bryce most of the boat ride : )

We also got to spend time with this cutie, Honor, and her extremely sweet siblings. Hunter and Honor's brother became fast friends!

Hunter, of course, spent most of his time outside (because he is crazy,) I suggested he wrap my scarf around his very red little face to keep the wind off....he did not find that very amusing.
Finally the time came, here we are approaching Santa himself!!!
Hunter and Liberty
Santa read off his good list. Ella was VERY excited to hear her name!!!!  Phew!!!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

2013-December 5th

Crazy girl in her "slippers" high heel shoes.
Poor's that time of year for dry skin. This is what pizza sauce does to her already dry skin.
Hunter practicing his guitar.
I love to hear him play!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

2013 - December 4th

 Hunter has had 2 great days at school (he doesn't really ever have bad days) and has got to change his stick to blue (too much to explain but apparently it's a really good thing!)
Ella is obsessed with the Christmas cartoons we have DVR'd. Here she is being Cindy Lou Who, dancing to the last song : )

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2013 - December 3rd

Ella did a lot of homework today....I'm not sure what's going on but she is now receiving homework from both her gen ed and special ed teacher. Twice the homework for a kid that it takes longer for her to do?? Luckily Ella is a trooper and hasn't complained about the extra homework yet...when she does so will I!
Hunter and I attempted to hang lighted garland on the arch that leads into our kitchen. We failed miserably. We would get one section up and then the hooks would start falling. It was pretty comical. We stuffed it all back in the box and will wait for Chris to help on his days off!
Ruby found a new spot to sleep...snuggled up under the tree.

Monday, December 2, 2013

2013 - December 2nd

The kids headed back to school was kind of lonely!

 After school the Kibbe's came by so that Hunter and our friend Dacia's kids could help Rex out with his science fair project. It was pretty hilarious. There was a bit of a problem, apparently Hunter is an awkward height for this project so Juanito had to hold different sized poles together. The kids had to jump barefoot, then with flipflops on, then tennis shoes and finally cleats (3 times in each pair of shoes) to see if shoes make a difference in how high you can jump. Pretty cool!  Here is Hunter jumping : )
An added bonus was that Riley and Ella got some play time in! Always fun!!!!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

2013 - December 1st

We had a "stay home day" as Ella calls it. She asks every morning if we can stay home. I got some laundry done...and that was about it. Kind of nice!

Ella was playing downstairs and came back up with her 2 dogs wearing Ruby's devil horns and princess crown (neither of which Ruby will actually wear, they are to big for her tiny head and she shakes them off,) Ella was quite pleased with herself!
Hunter of course played outside....and in the mud. Ahhhh boys.
Hunter is under these cushions...he was hiding under there playing on the IPad, Ruby thought she would play King of the Mountain!