Sunday, March 31, 2013

2013 - Day 90

Happy Easter! We had a great day and spent most of it outside!

The kids first thing this morning, waiting to go see their Easter baskets!
The bunny brought Hunter walkie talkies
and Ella got a pony
and candy
                                               and a Pez that looks like Ruby : )
I attempted to do get some good pictures of the kids today.  My poor kids seriously can NOT open their eyes while outside, and of course I like the lighting/coloring of pictures taken outside the best!  Oh well...

even in the shade they still squint

Inside coloring....boooo

Then Nana Bunny came over with MORE stuff!!!!
 "Oreo egos," or Ariel Legos  : )
Hunter got the movie Wreck It Ralph and his favorite...Mentos

 Then we headed outside for our Easter egg hunt!!!!

When that was all done (and the kids ate a ton of candy) we just stayed out and played. We came in for dinner and then went out again!!!!  We LOVE this weather!!!!  Here is Ella getting towed by Hunter : )

Saturday, March 30, 2013

2013 - Day 89

We went to the park this afternoon, it was too beautiful not to! After we played at the park we went across the street to the YMCA and went swimming!! I sure had some tired kids tonight!!!! Here are pics from the park!