Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 212

Today was the kids last time riding horses for the summer session!
My little cowboy...sometimes I forget how little he still really is!
Doing her arm circles on top of Sugar.
Hunter got to do a lot of trotting today.  It was awesome to watch!
All done!
Makenna, Claire and Ella
I love this pic...so cute. 
After horse we went to the dentist.  Dr. Molly wanted to do a quick x-ray on Ella's tooth (from the bathtub incident) and check her out.  Everything looks great! We came home for a quick lunch and then went to our friend Casey's beach at the lake.  Ella usually sits so nice and plays in the sand the whole time.  Not today.  This little fish was in the water swimming around for over 4 hours!!!!!
This fish had a blast jumping off the dock and the paddle board with 4 other boys!!!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 211

Chris, Hunter and I went to Silverwood Theme Park today! We had a blast and it was SO fun to have a just Hunter day! He read 600 minutes (in addition to his 400 minutes that were assigned every month) back in March to win a free ticket. We really did have so much fun, we played in the waterpark part for most of the day and then spent the last two hours in the other part where Hunter rode his first real rollercoaster!!!! He is such a fun kid!! Here we are before we left this morning!
Chris, Hunter and I
Ella wanted to join in the pictures : )
Nana came to pick Ella up after her dentist appointment. Ella got to spend the entire day with Nana!!! She had a blast and told me everything they did together when she got home. I bet Nana is REALLY tired : )

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 210

Today we went to our DsConnections summer picnic! The park was really nice and it was good to see some familiar faces : ) Here are the kiddos running through the splash pad!
When we got home our poor "pet" Nemo, the carnival fish from yesterday, was floating sideways in his bowl. He was a good fish and we gave him a proper flush!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 209

We went to Liberty Lake Days today with our friends! We had a good time! Here are the kiddos before we headed out.
This one made me laugh....Ella looks very diva-ish!
We won a goldfish at one of the carnival games today....yay us.  Ella of course named it Nemo.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 208

The morning started off with Ella jumping out of bed and yelling "5 bucks!!!!! Tooth fairy bring me 5 bucks!!!" She was so excited, it was quite cute and a good way to start off the morning!!! Her she is with her 5 bucks and her bed head!!!!
This afternoon we went swimming with friends and as usual we had a great time!!!! Hunter in the deep end before Ella and I got done putting on our sunscreen!!
Ella waiting patiently (which is rare) for me to finish taking pics of bubba so she can get in!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 207

My kids had a rough day! Hunter spent the night with Nana last night and then I dropped Ella off this morning and she watched them so that I could go to a lunch meeting with PAVE. After my meeting we stayed at Nana's and played outside for awhile. The kids were having a water fight, along with a little boy from her neighborhood, and Hunter fell off while running along the curb and hit the driveway hard. Like that bone thunking hard. Luckily it was his knee that hit and not his head! His knee cap has a good knot on it and a scrape but of course that didn't stop him from playing outside when we got back to our house!
Ella had fun at Nana's even thought it was quite hot outside. Here she is in Hunter's old shorts. I love that she loves his old clothes.
When we got home Ella took a long nice cool bath. And then she somehow hit her mouth on something in the tub. I was sitting right there in the bathroom on the stool reading a magazine so I know she wasn't standing up and she wasn't being wild. All of a sudden she started to kind of whimper and I looked at her and she had her hand in her mouth and blood dripping all over. Upon further inspection I noticed her tooth was gone! She knocked out a tooth that was not at all loose, one of her top front...luckily it was a baby tooth but still! Here she is after I got her all cleaned up and out of the tub.
I did call the dentist because Ella's gums looked bruised and the tooth itself was very jagged, uneven, and very sharp at the top. I wasn't sure if it all came out of if there is some still in there. The dentist called me right back (remember we were just there yesterday, ugh) and said that if there is a piece still in there the body usually reabsorbs it but that we should bring her in for an Xray next week sometime to make sure everything is okay. I tried taking a picture of the tooth itself, but it's hard to get one when your camera won't zoom but the flash keeps going off. LOL. So here is a blurry pic of it. It doesn't do it justice, it is one scary sharp tooth!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 206

The kids had dentist appointments this morning. Both did awesome with no cavities!!!! Ella even sat still for xrays! I of course didn't get to go in with the boy because I was with Ella. But here he is in the car after : )
I was SO shocked and proud of Ella, she stayed so still and was SO good!!!! I will say though that the dentist had a look of pity on her face when telling me about all the work Ella will need on her mouth.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 205

The kids had horse back riding this morning. There was an incident with one of the horses, 3 of them were tied up to the trailer while the kids groomed the 4th and one of the 3 fell and hit his head on the trailer and then got a bit wild (scared) and then passed out. Chris ran over with his knife and helped the sweet lady that runs it cut the rope and take his saddle off and once the horse could take in a deep breath (it had basically choked/kind of hung itself) he got back up on his feet. (We got an email this afternoon that after talking to some witnessess and examining the horse it appears that he got stung by a hornet. Poor guy. But he is okay!) Needless to say nobody rode that horse today. So, Ella and the 2 other little girls in the class rode first and then Hunter got to ride by his self after them! Ella did much better this week!!!
Hunter even got to ride the horse and make him trot today!  Pretty cool!
Taking Snickers through the poles!
While Hunter was riding Ella bossed these 3 sweet teenage girls/volunteers into a game of follow the leader.   You KNOW who was the leader : )
This afternoon we went swimming.  Hunter and his crazy faces : )

Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 204

We started out the day with Ella's endocrinologist appointment and I am happy to say for the first time in 10 1/2 months Ella's thyroid level is exactly where we want it!!! Hopefully it will stay there without having to adjust the meds again! And....she grew another inch and a quarter in the last month and a half!!!

Later in the day we went to a park over in Post Falls, Idaho with our friends!!

Xochitl, Isali, Hunter, Ella and Juanito
It's great to have tall friends : )  Juanito helping Ella on the monkey bars!

My monkeys
Hunter's lovely bruised legs : )
This child was amazing to watch today.  I don't know where her strength came from but she was climbing all over everything BY HER SELF.  It was awesome and nearly gave me a heartattack.
Ella pushing the merry-go-round
Hunter has been BEGGING for a skateboard all summer, and turned that up a notch last week.  We comprimised on this torpedo board.  Skateboards scare me for some reason and I just keep invisioning the boy with a cast on some broken limb.  In my head (though I'm sure it's just a crazy thought) but the smaller the board the safer????  Lol.  I was pleasantly surprised at how well he hopped on his board and took off.  (He is currently obsessed with taking his shirt off outside like the other boys in the neighborhood.)
He did fall off of the board a couple of times (in about a 4 hour period of time) but this was the worst of the scrapes!