Thursday, October 31, 2013

2013 - October 31st

Happy Halloween!!!! We had a GREAT day! The kids were both so much fun this year!  Their school didn't do parties but did fun activities throughout the day, and they wore their costumes to school.

Ella was "Oreo" (Ariel!)
Hunter was a very handsome military man. "Delta Force" to be exact.

Princess wave and a salute!

Yikes...Hunter what is that thing next to you????
Oh, it's your father.

When Hunter came in and took off his camo shirt I was shocked at just how much it reminded me of Chris. This is what Chris looked like for much of our marriage, when he would come home from work and take off his camo shirt, black t shirt and camo pants. Crazy.
The kids telling eachother about their day. So sweet.

Man I love these two.
Guitar practice! He has memorized Ode to Joy and can play it without the sheet music in front of him!

Nana came over and brought presents!!!!
These little flashlights were a huge hit with both!

We had Jack O Lantern pizzas and then got ready to go trick or treating.

Wait!!!  Where did Hunter go? I can't see him!!!!
Ella was NOT a fan of Chris' suit.
moving closer
I will stand beside Bubba!!!

She finally warmed up to Daddy!  I have to say that Ella did 500% better trick or treating than she ever has. She did not try to go into anyone's house and she never once complained that she was tired!  Every 30 seconds or so she would say " I love trick or treating!"

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

2013 - October 30th

 Today was school picture day!
 When we got home the kids opened a package from Mimi and Papa!!
 Hunter has been searching for these pumpkins!  Yay!
 Their loot!  Thank you Mimi and Papa!! They love it!
 Ella got a new scarf today....her request!
The kids both helped me pack goodie bags for their classes tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

2013 - October 29th

The kids and I went to school early this morning for Muffins with Moms put on by the PTA. We got to eat muffins, drink juice and spend time together! I love that my kids are at the same school now.
After school I took some pics of the kids on the porch. This boy takes my breath away he is so beautiful....
And this cutie makes me smile!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

2013 - October 28th

Math Math Math!

The kiddos both had a great day at school and came right home and did their math homework!
I bought Ella an Abicus today after a guy at Macy's told us about his Grandson using one.
I think it made her homework go much faster and she liked it!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

2013 - October 27th

Today was apple day!
Our peeling helper
Apple pie filling for my mom's birthday....hope it turns out : )
We made and canned 18 32oz jars of applesauce, and 5 little ones(the best applesauce ever!)

Then we had pumpkin time!  The kids and their pumpkins that they got on their field trips to the pumpkin patch
Ella drew her face herself!
Hunter did almost all of his carving by his self this year!

Ella's first handful of goop
She FREAKED out.  Poor kid, she was screaming "It's ooey gooey. GET IT OFF."
Of course I am mean and made her go back for more.
Because I KNOW my kid. Sometime her initial reaction is to freak out, but I knew she would like it.
Chris on the other hand did not like it at all : )
Hunter pretending to gag
By the end of it I had to pull Ella away from the pumpkin guts....she made "pizza" out of her goo
She was all into it.
Carving away
This is very serious work : )
Hunter did a GREAT job!!!!!
Ella drew a great face : )

My house has a strange smell, combo of 6+ hours of cooking apples, raw pumpkin and frozen pizza : )