Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 243

Ella had an eye doctor appointment today to determine whether she needs another surgery or not....but the doctor wouldn't see us because we didn't have Ella's glasses with us (they got left in Georgia and of course as soon as we got home from the appointment the glasses were in a box on the porch.) So we get to do that appointment over again on Tuesday, ugh. We also went to Hunter's school this evening to check the class list to see what teacher he got...we are both very happy with his teacher and Hunter is VERY happy that his buddy Kellen is in his class again!

Here is Hunter playing outside tonight.  This is a cool arm bike thing we got from the Guild school! 
Hunter fixing his bike.
Ella got more birthday presents today!!  These are from MiMi and Papa!
She is going to be one stylish Kindergartener!

I ordered these shoes for Ella and I!!  She was so giggly and excited that we match!!! (Ignore the my swollen ankle and tatto still healing (and hurting!)

Day 242

I tried uploading all of these pictures yesterday and then apparently hit a wrong button and they were 2AM. So that is why they are late : ) Today was Ella's 6th Birthday and her birthday party at the park! She of course had a blast! We bought pizzas, played on the playground, ate cake and opened presents! There were 20 kids there!!!! I'm so glad all the pizza sauce and frosting was consumed at the park and not at my house, lol!!!

Ella eating her pizza!
Hunter and his friend Madison
Ella greeting Amelia
Ella and Xochitl
Riley spinning Claire around
My handsome future son-in-law
Nana helping Ella across
Sweet Baby Beau!  He got upset trying to climb the slippery wet slide.  He is still just so cute even when he is crying!
The Tangled cake!
Happy Birthday to Ella.....

Cake! Cake! Cake!
Bella, Ella, and Makenna 
Claire enjoying some cake

 I love this girl
Elliot....the sweetest funniest kid!  I love talking to him!
 Baby Alice
Ry Guy

Brayden and Riley...soooo cooperative for pictures!  They need to teach Ella to be that nice : )
Ella and Riley!  These two have been friends for over 4 years now!!!
Riley was trying to give Ella a kiss....Ella is giving Riley the death glare!
Isali, Ella and Xochitl
Love love love these girls!
Ella and Elliot!
What a crew!
These 4 are all just about the same age, birthdays from May to November and all about the same height : )
My handsome boy back at home watching sissy open more presents
Her new baby

This shirt says Dare to Be true!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 241

Reunited!!! One of the only thing the kids were looking forward to in coming home was getting to see Ruby!! Poor dog...apparently they misunderstood my feeding instructions at the kennel. I said feed her 1 1/4 cup total of food a day, they apparently fed her 1 1/4 scoop a day (the scoop in the food is a 1/4 cup) so Ruby lost a good bit of weight these past 3 weeks. But she was so very happy to be home!!!!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 240

Today we left Georgia and headed back home to Spokane. We were so very sad to leave! We had an awesome vacation and will miss all of our family down there!!! Before we left the house BeBe and Daddy gave the kids tattoos. Chris and I got new tattoos while we were there and the kids wanted some too!