Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2013 - April 30th

 Ella had another baseball game tonight.  It was very entertaining. Ella was in one of her very sassy/bossy moods.  Lets just say there were several people in the crowd laughing at her : )  Her first at bat she hit off of the tee but the next two times she was pitched too, and after Daddy fixed her feet she hit both times!!!  She was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!  I recorded both but it's taking forever to upload the videos.
She is so proud of herself every single time she hits the ball and makes it to 1st base!

Ready to run home!!!

My Angel!!!
Being Sassy in the field.  It was HILARIOUS, everytime the ball was hit Ella's entire team would run for it. There was a time or two or three where Ella then stole the ball from her teamate....she is just eager or something. Ha!

The meltdown after the game because I wouldn't let her go play on the playground after the game. At least she just sat and quietly cried.
My handsome boy when we got back home from the game. He started the MSP today, which is some state standardized test that begins in 3rd grade.  His teacher made the class breakfast this morning and parents brought in snacks.  He did say he was pretty nervous about the test, poor little guy.  I'm sure he did great and I tried explaining to him that the test doesn't really matter....but in away that wouldn't make him blow it off.

Monday, April 29, 2013

2013 -April 29

Hunter had soccer practice today. It was super windy and the school had the dang sprinklers on, but Hunter had fun as usual! After that we ran to pick up Ella's new glasses. They seem to fit great and Ella is tolerating them like a champ!!!!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

2013 - April 28th

Today I tackled one of my closets....it was horrible, we had nicknamed it the closet of doom. Chris installed shelves in it for me! While I did that Hunter played outside with Madison!
And I set up Ella's Aerial pool and she had a blast splashing around in it : )  Nana came over for a little bit and fell victim to Ella's splashing, lol!!!

2013 - April 27th

Hunter had a soccer game this morning. I have to say that his team is so fun to watch this season! The boys have come a long way and are playing so good together!!! Hunter played goalie the 1st half of the game, we got a penalty or hand ball or something so the other team got a goal kick and Hunter had a beautiful save!!!

Here he is just waiting for the ball to come back down the field.
Playing forward....his game face, ha!
Playing defense
After the game!!!!!
When the game was done Ella got her chance to play.  Revving up....
She shoots
She scores!!!!!
Tonight Chris and I went to the Denim and Diamonds auciton for Equine TLC (the place where the kids to horse back riding therapy!)  We had  a great time!!!  Thank you mom for watching the kiddos!!!!!

2013 - April 26th

It was a beautiful day today!!! Hunter of course played outside. Here he is walking Ruby.
With all of the neighborhood girls : )
Ella and I painted our nails with some of the new polish I got for my birthday!!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

2013 - April 25th

Tomorrow is my 7th Birthday (according to Ella) and I am going to play bunco with my group and then us girls are going out, so we celebrated my birthday today!!!! Chris, the kids, my mom and I went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse and then came home and played a little baseball and opened presents and had cupcakes! It was a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me and my kiddos!
They are singing Happy Birthday to me!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

2013 - Day I still don't know : )

Today I volunteered in Hunter's class, I always enjoy my time in there! Hunter and I left school a little early for another dermatology appt, where they treated his leg again! Then we came home and practiced hitting a baseball with Ella, which she did awesome and then we took Ruby for a little walk.

After that we headed to soccer practice and then to Hunter's school for family BINGO night.  The kids had a good time!

Hunter won first and got some prizes.
Ella was not too happy about that.

But she was quite happy when she finally did!

Then the winning just became crazy.  We have a lot of prizes : )

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2013 - Day I DON'T KNOW!

I have been out of town since Monday night of last week, visiting family in Georgia with my mom! We got home today at 2:30 and jumped right back into the swing of things. Ella started baseball tonight with the Challenger League. She had a blast!!!

She is on the Angels. How fitting!!!!
The kids get paired up with boys from the Major's division.  Ella's buddy tonight was Daniel. He was SOOOOO good with Ella!  I think it is such a great set up, both for the kiddos who need a little extra help as well as the boys who are doing the helping!  I wish I could have been involved in something like this as a kid!
Ella's first at bat for the night.
She took off running and fell.  It's hard to get used to having that heavy helmet on.
But that did not stop her excitement once she reached 1st base!!!!!

Hunter was off playing during Ella's game, never quite close enough for me to get a picture!  He is such a goof.
Oh how I missed this face....and the boy : )

Very serious : )
Chris did take some pictures while I was gone so I will be going in and doing some back posting...just not tonight because I am exhausted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!