Monday, September 30, 2013

2013 - September 30th

Ella was home sick from school today. I took her into the doctor she has a head cold/stomach virus...along with an ongoing bladder thing that is a seperate issue. Fun times.  Her little eyes look pitiful, the doctor said "wow she looks bad, but you look worse." Love our doctor! I informed her that I actually feel better than I have in 5 days. LOL.
Hunter has the sniffles but so far that is all. He did go to school today and Chris took him to soccer this evening. Yay! Keep well my little guy!!!!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

2013 - September 29th

 Hunter had the sniffles today so he stayed inside all day and took it easy....though he really wanted to play! He is really bummed that he doesn't have a fever so he can stay home tomorrow. Nice try kid!
Ella has had some weird stuff going on for the past week or so, and now has a tight sounding cough and an off and on low grade fever so I think I am hauling her back to the pediatrician tomorrow unless she is miraculously better in the morning. This is how she spent her day

Saturday, September 28, 2013

2013 - September 28th

Hunter had 2 soccer games today. Ella and I went to the first one and sat out in the rain, it was miserable but the boys played great and won!!!! Chris woke up and was able to take Hunter to the 2nd game while Ella and I stayed home and stayed dry. I was sad to miss the game but Ella really didn't need to be out in that it gave her time to catch a nap! When Hunter got home Chris headed off to work and the kids and I headed to the movies to see Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2. It was really funny!!!  Tonight when we got home, after we all bathed, we cuddled up to watch "Efic" as Ella calls it, or Epic as we call it!

Friday, September 27, 2013

2013 - September 27th

We survived another week of school...whew! Ella wore her Downs Design jeans, that she got at the conference this summer, for the first time. Here she is modeling them : )
Hunter had guitar lessons this afternoon, his teacher said he is doing great!!!  When we got home he got in a little bit of outside time even though it was damp and chilly!!!!
Being crazy!

Him too!
Now we are settling in to re-watch Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs to refresh our memories so we can go see the 2nd one tomorrow!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

2013 - September 26th

I'm not a fan of my kids fighting....but it does give me pleasure when they fight over whose turn it is to Swiffer : )

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

2013 - September 25th

I picked Hunter up at school at 10:50 this morning to take him to his dentist appointment to have his tooth filled. He didn't have a cavity but had chipped the corner of his tooth off and that caused it to be very sensitive so the dentist said we needed to fill it before the tooth next to it came in.  He is a great patient. They put the "clown nose" (laughing gas) on him then gave him the numbing shots. While they were waiting for that to kick in all the way he did manage to bite the inside of his lip and cheek pretty good (they were numb,) but he's fine.  They filled his tooth and it looks good as new! After that we ran to the mall to get his fake glasses that he has been wanting. Don't ask me why. No really don't. I don't get it.
His fixed tooth...bottom left of the middle 4.
Then we picked this goofball up early (only 10 minutes) from school to go to her ENT appointment for the 2nd opinion on her ear/hearing. (Her usual ENT suggested we get the 2nd opinion from the doctor that specializes in repairing ear drums in the event that surgery could fix her hearing.) As I suspected this doctor said surgery will not fix her hearing and is not needed. But she does indeed need bilateral hearing aides. He did say that he can't figure out if she has conductive hearing loss or the kind that involves the nerves or a mix of both. He said that they just like to know the cause but it doesn't change the way it's treated so I am okay with that.  So, hearing aides it is. I think she will do fine with them, she's always done great with her glasses, I just worry about how they will fit over her glasses on her very tiny ears. We shall see! She has an appointment with the hearing aide people on Monday Oct. 7th.
She wanted me to take a picture of HER glasses and teeth too : )

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2013 - September 24th

Hunter was super happy with his Oakley socks today : )  He said they are very comfy!!!  Thanks Mrs Stephanie!!!!
Ella with her/my baby doll after her bath : )
And yes I worked on those stupid clothes ALL DAY LONG. Thank you to my hubby for all your help!

Monday, September 23, 2013

2013 - September 23rd

I got to volunteer in Hunter's class today! I have loved working in his class the past two years and I think I will love it again this year. His teacher is very different than any he has had in the past but I like her and think it's going to be a good fit for Hunter!!!

 After I left the school I headed downtown and attended a meeting with our Congresswoman Cathy McMorris-Rodgers.  We discussed difficulties we have had with the local school districts with our children with Down syndrome.  It was a great meeting, she is very nice (and of course she has a special interest in our situation as she has a son with Down syndrome who is Ella's age,) seemed very concerned about things that are happening, and had some great ideas!
Then it was back home to work on the explosion of clothes in my living room. Hunter thought it would be funny to pretend to throw my safety pins at me...ha ha. Thankfully Chris was off today and took Hunter to soccer practice so I could continue to work!
Ella entertained me while I hung clothes.  The prettiest ballerina I know...even when she is looking rough : )

2013 - September 22nd

 It definitely felt like fall today....I have to say that I like the cool down, though that will likely NOT be the case next weekend when I am freezing my butt off at soccer!

Ella had a down day and she alternated between laying down watching movies and playing babies and singing and dancing.  It is pretty important to her week that she have these "stay home days" as she calls them!

Here are Ella and Daddy watching MegaMind together.
Hunter played outside all day, I lost track of time because I was busy inside and didn't get a pic of him outside.  Here he is when he came in.....why is he so surprised?
 Because my living room looks like.  Ugh. I am sorting clothes to get them ready to price and take to sell at a consignment thing at the fairgrounds.  It's a giant pain in the butt. Hopefully I can buy myself some non flipflop shoes with the money, ha ha.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

2013 - September 21st

Today was the Step Up for Down Syndrome walk!!!

Our team shirts turned out cute!
My babies before we left
Juanito, Xochitl, Isali, Ella and Hunter....she was SO happy that they were all wearing her shirt!
Ella and "Baby Beau"  who is definitely not a baby anymore but I think Ella will always call him that!
The 4 of us waiting for things to start!
Riley dancing with the Elvis clown
Ella too

George, Ella, Caine and Robbie with Mrs Washington along the walk
Riley and Ella with her too
Ella walking with Justin and Rex
Team Ella!  Thanks to everyone who walked with us!!!  It means SOOOOOOOOOOO much to me!!
Hunter with his airbrush tattoo
The boy loves his's going to be interesting when he turns 18. Don't know where he got that from. Ha!
Mrs Stephanie brought Ella a birthday present! So sweet! Thank you!!!
She was super excited about the mermaid book...mermaids are one of her very favorite things!
She loved it all!  She also brought Hunter some Oakley socks (3 pairs) he is super excited to have a pair of "tall socks" to wear everyday of the week now : )
After the walk we went for a quick lunch, came home and Hunter changed and then we headed off to his game!

They didn't win....but that doesn't seem to phase Hunter.

Friday, September 20, 2013

2013 - September 20th

Today was a great day!!! I visited the chiropractor, which always makes me feel better, visited with my friend Mary and her boys, who make me smile, picked up our team Ella Grace with the Pretty Face shirts for the Step Up for Down Syndrome walk tomorrow and they look great, and took my kiddos to a parade and they were awesome, which totally made sitting through a boring parade worth it!  We got to the parade about an hour and a half before it started so we got great parking but it may have been a bit of overkill. But the kids were so pleasant during that hour and a half really they were!

Ella did great with the noise during the parade and only asked to wear her ear phones a couple of time, times when I could have used them too due to some obnoxious honking!  I'm not sure if that is just her maturing and not getting so startled or if it's because her hearing is not so great???  Here she is marching along with a marching band!

Hunter liked the fire.....Ella thought it was the scariest thing ever. LOL!