Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 60

I would kill for these eye lashes! This boy is just so adorable!!!
And this girl is pretty adorable too, even when she looks like a mess : )

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 59

Hunter, oh Hunter. Here is how he styled his hair when he got out of the shower. I told him his hair is TOO LONG to be spiked. LOL.

Here is Ella at ballet class. We were invited in to video tape so the girls can practice at home. See the two girls on the far right, yeah they are crying. It is an interesting class with some behavior issues, and except for staring at them and trying to tell on them to the teacher, Ella did great and didn't copy them, thank God!

Here is a video of Ella dancing today. I think she did fabulous given the fact that the little girl next to her was, very distracting.

And here is the link if you can't view the above video..... HERE

Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 58

Hunter found a rock that has "gold" in it. He is sure of it because he watches Gold Rush with dad and he "knows what gold looks like." I wish buddy, I wish.

Ella doing the splits, gotta love that flexability!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 57

Hunter and Daddy worked on their Pinewood Derby Cars all day today and got them finished! Here is Hunter with his car all taped off for more painting. For those of you that know Hunter in real life you will notice that his hair is really long for him.....totally his idea. It wouldn't be so bad if his hair wasn't SO think and didn't grow in 500 different directions. If it makes it that long I'm sure when summer hits he will beg to have it cut!

Hunter being a goof.
This past Friday we bought Ella a big girl bed (twin bed.) Even though she still has plenty of room in her toddler bed she is such a crazy sleeper and is all over the place, recently she has begun sitting up and then folding over in half (that part isn't knew) and slamming her head onto the wood rails. We figured she must need MORE room. This bed is really cool and has nice drawers underneath!
She is just a little excited can't you tell???? Oh and this was day 4 of NO ACCIDENTS!!!! GOOOOOOO ELLA!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 56

Ella nearly gave me a heart attack when she came down the stairs looking like this.....

This picture does not do it justice. At first I thought she got into some candy or something and tried to wipe her chin off. Then noticed the red dots all in it and that it actually looked bruised. I ran to the garage and called Chris in. We kept asking Ella if she fell or if she ate something. We scared her and she just kept saying "no...I'm sorry" while her bottom lip quivered. I had just taken her to the bathroom not 15 minutes prior to this. Chris searched the house, looked at all the cleaners and chemicals, all which were undisturbed, it looked like she may have drank something. I was ready to throw her in the car and head to the ER when Chris said it looked like she stuck the vacuum cleaner hose up to her mouth (with it on.) I said that I would have heard if the vacuum came on. Chris went and checked the vacuum and on his way through the living room he found one of her little toy cups and he figured out what happened. Ella put the cup on her chin/mouth and suctioned it to her face, thus giving her a giant HICKEY!!!! LOL. It looks awful but fortunately it's no big deal!! Here is Ella with the offending cup!

Tonight was Hunter's Blue and Gold Banquet for Boy Scouts, it was fun but lasted 3 1/2 hours. I love watching Hunter with his friends, he is such a funny and cute kid!!!

Here is little Miss Hickey face, sadly I tried to cover it with some makeup, it helped a little, maybe? She wore her shirt that Bubba picked out for her and made Daddy buy from the Scout store! So cute.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 55

Hunter in his safety goggles....gotta protect those beautiful baby blues!!! He started making his Pinewood Derby Car today for the big race, which is on his birthday!!! He is making it a police car, GO FIGURE. LOL.

Here is Ella today at her Endocrinologist appointment. This Graves'Disease crap is getting old. Can't we just be done with it? 4 weeks ago Ella's TSH was 11.3 (extremely HYPO, because she was too blocked) today it was 0.03 (extremely HYPER, because she wasn't blocked enough and had to much synthetic thyroid,) this is how the past 7+ months have gone. She has not once been in the "normal" range. Urgh. I guess it's because we are giving a 40lb child adult medicine (because kids don't usually get Graves' Disease.) The good news, I guess, is that Ella responds really well to the medicine, but a little too well, supposedly now we just have to fine tune it. So, dose changes again and test again in 5 weeks. In good news Ella had another day with NO potty accidents and that included going to the doctor, speech therapy and occupational therapy. SO proud of my girl!!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 54

My boy recreating his wheelies....I don't like to watch the real thing. How that child hasn't broken a bone or at least needed stitches is beyond me!!!

Ella standing in the sun enjoying her M&M's (just 2 of them) because she went pee in the potty and had a dry Pull-Up. She went the entire day with no accident and told us 7 times that she had to go.....Amazing!!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 52

Hunter is a happy boy, we went to register for baseball tonight and started filling out his invitations for his birthday party. I can NOT believe my baby boy is going to be 8 : (

Ella had ballet today and did good! I took some pictures after in the parking lot because we aren't allowed in the classroom!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 51

Poor Hunter! I totally forgot to take a picture of him today, luckily I remembered before he had been in bed TOO long....just 5 or 10 mins : ) He was less than thrilled!

Ella had her blood drawn again today. We pulled in the parking lot and she said "I HATE it, no poke me, owie!" Poor baby, it's just not fair! We were sad to find out that our guy that is so good with Ella and gets her on the first poke, is gone. It took 2 pokes, one of which involved a lot digging around. Ugh. Here she is trying to make a sad face (it was a least an hour after the draw) and showing her 2 bandaids.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 49

Ella was invited to a birthday party for her little "boyfriend" from school. He's not really her boyfriend but she talks about him ALL THE TIME. His name is Lucas and she calls him Ucas. LOL. Anyhow the party was at Chuck E Cheese so I brought Hunter along and just bought him some tokens and let him do his own thing.

Ella's friend "Atalee" Natalie from her class.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 46

Hunter doing homework

Ella reading a book to Daddy. She has pink eye in both eyes...thankfully she is out of school this week because of conferences.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 45

Today was Hunter's V-Day party at school!!
I'm not sure what Ella is doing in this picture but I love Hunter's blue lips : )
Ella feeling like a big girl at "bubba's" desk.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 44

Hunter trying to make the same face as his giant Lego head guy.

Ella making a mad face!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 43

Not the best picture but it was the most exciting thing we did today. The kids ate popcorn and we watched Lady and the Tramp. I told Hunter this morning that Lady and the Tramp was one of my favorite movies when I was about his age. Without skipping a beat he says "So that would have been in 1987. That is like FOREVER ago." Thanks kid.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 42

We went to Special Olympics Young Athletes today. Hunter gets to be Ella's "coach" which I'm not entirely sure he enjoys because Ella doesn't listen to him. LOL. Poor Hunter!!!

I like this pic....Hunter looks SO tall!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 41

Hunter riding his bike, outside as usual. I feel like all of his pictures are of him outside playing or him in his pajamas, but that is Hunter in a nut shell!!

Ella and I headed down to Daddy's role call at the police station this morning....she sold 60 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in less than one hour. Nobody could resist her, she said "buy my cookies pretty pretty please," to everyone. It was really cute!!! She also decided that she should be the Chief of Police so she can boss people around for a living, lol!!!

Then we headed to Occuptional Therapy. This picture was too cute not to share. This is Ella "resting" with Robin her OT!!