Sunday, December 8, 2013

2013 - December 8th

Today we went on a cruise to the North Pole with our Down syndrome group out on Lake Coeur d'Alene. It was FREEZING. The van said 6 degrees when we left. Despite the cold we still had fun!  Most of our time was spent inside the cabin of the boat. Ella was quite entertained by sweet baby Bryce, who is "Baby Beau's" brother!  Luckily he is a very sweet little guy who was amused by Ella's antics!

He looks so frightened...and I would be two if I was stuck between Riley and Ella. Ha ha ha!!!

Peek a boo!!!!
My mom held Bryce most of the boat ride : )

We also got to spend time with this cutie, Honor, and her extremely sweet siblings. Hunter and Honor's brother became fast friends!

Hunter, of course, spent most of his time outside (because he is crazy,) I suggested he wrap my scarf around his very red little face to keep the wind off....he did not find that very amusing.
Finally the time came, here we are approaching Santa himself!!!
Hunter and Liberty
Santa read off his good list. Ella was VERY excited to hear her name!!!!  Phew!!!

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