Monday, December 9, 2013

2013 - December 9th

We got our annual box of ornaments from Grandmom (the kid's Great) today!!! She has been giving me ornaments since I was a baby and has continued to give me and now my kids and husband ornaments every year!!!

Hunter got his annual "drive mom insane" musical guitar ornament!
And ANOTHER singing ornament......thanks Grandmom : )

What could cause this excitement???
Ariel of course!! (The Little Mermaid!)
Hunter jamming away on his guitar.
Oh but wait...there is MORE excitement!
Doc McStuffins!!!
She is in love....I had to wait till she went to sleep to put them on the tree because she kept playing with them!
Hunter also got the book Santa is Coming To Georgia..oops I mean "Hunner" got it! Ha!!!!
Thank you Grandmom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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